And So It Begins, Part I

Welcome to my venti soy life: outsized and a little pretentious. I thought of this blog as a chance to share the crowded, stressful experiences of a not-so-well organized working mother. But then, when my son received his diagnosis from a neurologist, everything changed.

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I Don’t Know

 As I scanned through the article, reading some portions in great detail and skimming over others, I was puzzled by my own ambivalence.  I was offended by the title, but I could not understand why.  

And So It Began, Part II

But in that moment, I allowed myself to consider the part I had avoided thus far.  The mother in me, whose only desire in the world is for her children to grow up happy, healthy, self-sufficient, and productive, knew there was no guarantee that my son would fulfill this desire...

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